The inception of Fat Kid Cookie Company stemmed from a heartbreaking moment in our founder Stephanie Wiley's life—her beloved son Tommy's passing in 2020. Tommy was a vibrant soul, cherishing life's simple joys through outdoor adventures, from snowboarding to hiking, reveling in the beauty of nature.

Tommy's departure due to fentanyl poisoning was a devastating blow. He never intended to leave this world so soon, and we firmly believe he wasn't aware he was consuming fentanyl. Yet, the harsh reality remains: a single pill can steal a life.

This tragic narrative underscores why we are committed to supporting Fentanyl Awareness. Our donations aim to spread awareness and prevent further losses like Tommy's. For a deeper understanding of our journey, please visit our story.

Well, if you keep the bag sealed, they have a 12 month shelf life.  We suggest keeping ‘em in a cool, dry spot. Best option is out of the sun!

Since there aren’t any preservatives, that’s gonna happen. We suggest putting them in the freezer to harden the chocolate back up. In fact, we’ve heard that many fans prefer to eat them straight out of the freezer!

Well, that depends how you define healthy…  If you mean low in sugar, protein packed, etc., then no they’re not. If you mean made with loads of love and butter, then yes, definitely.

Have you ever had shishito peppers? They say one in 10 is spicy. We’d say that 4 out of 10 Fat Kid bites tend to be spicy, but they won’t have you running for milk!

Absolutely not! We're as nut-free as a squirrel's retirement plan... in the cookie department, that is!

Our cookie brittle is delicious solo, but for an elevated experience, consider the perfect companions: vanilla ice cream, coffee, tea, beer, wine, and milk. Word on the street is they mingle splendidly with bourbon and they're the shining star on charcuterie boards. Essentially, they're the round-the-clock delight you've been craving!

For the freshest scoop, turn the package around—think of it as the product's own gossip column, full of the juiciest deets!

These treats are rebels in the land of uniformity – sizes and toppings, like a quirky family portrait, just won't conform!

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Certainly! Only a genius with a serious lack of dessert appreciation would pass up the glorious offering of Fat Kid Cookies...

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