Our Story

Fat Kid Cookie Co was born out of a desire to make life a little brighter. Stephanie Wiley, founder, has always had a passion for baking. She finds solace in the process and relishes in the joy her treats bring to friends and family.

Everyone has an inner “fat kid” who feels satisfied from the perfect treat. Close friends and family couldn’t resist Stephanie’s now-famous recipe, and that’s how Fat Kid Cookie Co earned its name.

Stephanie’s cookies have something for everyone. An amazing mix of sweet, spicy, and savory flavors are tasted in every bite. They are made by hand in small batches with simple ingredients.

Fat Kid Cookie Co became a reality after the tragic death of Stephanie’s son in 2020. Tommy loved life. He preferred to spend his time outdoors, snowboarding, hiking and enjoying nature. He was a loyal friend and had the gift of making people feel seen, and unfortunately he had the disease of addiction. He wanted nothing more than to be sober, went to rehab and achieved just that. He amazingly caught up on all his schoolwork and graduated from high school on time, with his classmates. A week after graduation, Tommy used again and died of fentanyl poisoning. With the isolation from COVID, Tommy didn’t get a chance to live a sober life. Tommy did not want to die and while we do not believe he knew he was taking fentanyl, the hard truth is that one pill can kill.

Launching Fat Kid Cookie Company was a way for Stephanie to move forward in her grief and her life, because cookies don't have to be serious!

Stephanie Wiley
Fat Kid Cookie Company Founder